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Stacey DeWineWhen I get a new client that wants to do something different, something unique to them, I get goose bumps.  Some of my favorite weddings are those where the couple’s personalities shine through in every detail.  I love to watch guests explore the reception, delighting in recognizing places, phrases or photos that they shared with the bride and groom.  Weddings are a celebration of not only the couple, but of their family and friends.  When I see the mother of the bride enjoying dinner and laughing with the groom’s oldest childhood friend, it makes my heart smile.  Those are the celebrations that are remembered forever.  I am always honored and humbled when a couple puts the most cherished day of their life (so far) in my hands.  And as I leave these weddings, dehydrated, feet throbbing and back aching, I am happy.  I am at peace knowing that I helped the happy couple create the wedding they have always dreamed of.  I smile some more.

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  1. Hi Stacey! Thanks for all your help with the events we’ve been able to do together. Your smile is always a pleasure to see when I arrive at a venue to make a cake delivery!
    P.S. I see that you like like to Irish dance–maybe you can teach me some steps sometime! I’m Irish, also!
    Take care and God bless, Mary Jane

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